• Electric powered campervan pop top roof fitted from


    Surely our electric powered campervan pop top roof is the ultimate way to upgrade your campervan.


    Fitted to a high-quality front-facing pop top roof, this twin ram system is perfectly actuated to pull roof sides taught, without straining them and operates on a simple key fob: press the button and up it goes.


    Having developed our electric campervan pop top system in-house, we have found that it is not only a great ‘party piece’ but is also highly practical for our shorter or less mobile customers, taking the strain out of raising and lowering a campervan’s pop top roof.


    As yet we have not had comment from ay persons with a physical disability but we would love to think that our electric pop top would be a hugely beneficial addition to any campervan designed with specific physical needs in mind. If you are looking for a campervan conversion built to accommodate a disability, please get in touch with us.

    Fully fitted and colour coded electric powered campervan pop top roofs are generally fitted in no more than a week.


    For those of a more ‘do it yourself’ mindset, take a look at our manual pop top roof fitting service.


    Email jack@jacks-shack.co or call us on 01162-555081 to book a slot for this unique campervan upgrade.  

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