Scenic campervan pop top roof fitted

Scenic campervan pop top roof fitted




A campervan without a pop top roof is a tricky thing indeed; headroom is restricted, sleeping space is halved and generally, it can feel a little like you are napping in the back of a workman’s van - not ideal! Pop the roof, however, and you have more space and a more open spacious feel.


And we think that the move from a standard pop top roof to a scenic roof offers a similar ‘night and day’ experience. All of our vans now come with a scenic roof as standard, as they offer so much more to the user.


Pop the roof and you have a standard pop top set up but unzip three sides in one easy move and the entire van is opened to the outdoors. Ideal for views, for cooking and for cooling down, we would always recommend this style of campervan pop top roof to our customers.


If you are looking for something extra special, take a look at our power assisted campervan pop top roof.

Fitting a scenic campervan pop top roof normally means leaving your van with us for at least a few days and more likely a week. To book your van in for the vanlife changing upgrade call us on 01162-555081 or email

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