Swivelling VW campervan seats fitted from

Swivelling VW campervan seats fitted from


Ideal for those with larger families, our standard swivel seats for campervans allow you to maintain the twin passenger seat set up so well liked by many of our customers. Rotating the seat through 180 degrees, offers a much larger internal living space, together wiith seating for four.


While on the road, the twin passenger seat arrangement makes all of our standard campervans full five-seater vehicles.


Whether you choose the twin passenger seat or go for the more luxurious passenger captain’s seat the chance to choose interior upholstery is a part of the campervan creation process that our customers always get a real kick out of. Some going for subtle cloth, others plumping for bright and vibrant two-tone leather.  

However you want your interior to look and feel, give us a call to talk through you many options on  01162-555081 or email jack@jacks-shack.co

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