The Jackal - Ford F1 1952 500+ BHP Mercedes OM606 Diesel with 3-speed manual box
  • The Jackal - Ford F1 1952 500+ BHP Mercedes OM606 Diesel with 3-speed manual box

    So, here it is. This is the JACKAL, a labour of love crafted in-house by Jack. 


    Rebuilt from the ground up, the JACKAL started life as a 1952 Ford F1. The spec's are below but it is quite impossible to overstate how unique this vehicle really is - even the wheels were hand-built in-house and are entirely one-of-a-kind.


    The truck is powered by an OM606 Mercedes Diesel generating over 500 BHP, which is hooked up to a TH400 3-speed manual gearbox, which necessitated the creation of a gearbox tunnel.


    Inside, the driver and passenger sit on two-of-a-kind in-house built metal seats completed with customer leather pads. Safety is maintained with the inclusion of a complete internal roll cage. From the driving seat, the lucky owner can not only press the bespoke loud pedal to their heart's content, but they can also brake with confidence, knowing the JACKAL is treated to Willwood 4-pot discs on all corners.


    When not focusing on keeping the truck on the road, driver is also free to adjust ride height to suit with the air ride system - which is smartly hidden under the wide bed. 


    Underpinning the whole thing is a shack-built chassis, which is reinforced to handle the diesel engine's incredible torque and power.


    Should you ever need to get to the engine, the bonnet is equipped with a tilting mechanism which is, you guessed it, one-of-a-kind and Jack's own design. 


    There are so many other unique details to this creation that it would be impossible to list them. We suggest that if you would like to own this perfect slice of Americana-cum-Leicester machinery, you get in touch and talk through the finer details with Jack or Marc. 


    Serious offers considered - please don't try to trade in your '98 Mondeo!


    MOT and road tax exempted. 
    Any questions feel free to get in touch with us: 

      500+BHP OM606 Mercedes Diesel engine,
      TH400 transmission with manual shift,
      Willwood 4-pot brakes front and rear,
      8.8 rear axle with limited slip dif,
      Shack-built roll cage,
      Shack-built chassis,
      Shack-built pedal box,
      Shack-built wheels,
      Shack-built seats,
      Air ride suspension,
      Widened arches and bed,
      Shack-built gearbox tunnel, 
      Shack-built front tilt bonnet

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